Bathtub Bursary

Levelling the playing field for starting a business.

The Bathtub Bursary is a programme designed to enable budding entrepreneurs.

For those from low opportunity backgrounds or difficult circumstances to access all the vital lifelines necessary to start and build a sustainable business.

This programme is at the core of why we exist.

Bringing our vision to life – we can enable enterprise to be a viable, vibrant and supported option for all

Reducing unemployment through business support and job creation

Enabling more people who don’t have natural access to the support, network and finances to realise their dreams of starting and running their own venture.

How does it work? 

In a nutshell, the Bursary is an 18 month programme of space, support, advice and connections.

It involves full commitment to engage with the full Bathtub network, being allocated a Tub mentor, regular review sessions and hopefully the environment to provide you with the confidence, knowledge and network to make starting and growing a business a reality.

The full programme lasts up to 18 months:

12 months free membership

A panel presentation & review at 12 months to award a potential further 6 months at 50% standard membership.

Are you eligible for a Bathtub Bursary?

Our Bursary programme has specific eligibility criteria alongside our standard membership application criteria. This is purely to ensure that the places are awarded to the businesses and entrepreneurs that can benefit the most.

Here’s how you can qualify…

  • You will be enrolled in an enterprise programme run by another not-for-profit organisation (e.g. The Prince’s Trust or local & regional grass roots initiatives), OR
  • You can demonstrate you have been unemployed for 3 months or more (not by choice), OR
  • You are a charity less than 24 months old


  • You are up to 2 founders in team size
  • Your business is within its first full year of trading
  • Your plan shows you intend to create at least one new job within 18 months
  • You pass a simple interview with us to show you will benefit from and participate fully in the Bathtub community.

Ready to jump in?

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