The Bathtub 2 Boardroom story

From eureka to today and why we do what we do


Bathtub 2 what?

Our name is definitely a good conversation starter!

By jumping into the Tubs, you can take your eureka moment (thank you Archimedes!) and build it into a business reality. From Bathtub 2 Boardroom!

And despite the emails trying to sell us bathroom or boardroom furniture, we think it makes a great statement and offers a little something different in the startup world!

Read on for our story…

Why we exist

We’re a small registered charity with a BIG vision – to make starting a business affordable, accessible and supported for ALL and an integral part of education.

We do this 3 ways: 

1. We offer affordable, all-inclusive memberships

By breathing life into underutilised spaces our workspaces are the best value option around – up to a 66% discount compared to other workspaces!

2. We’ve created the Bathtub Bursary to level the playing field.

12 months free membership + 6 months @ 50% for aspiring entrepreneurs from low opportunity backgrounds or situations. We’re currently supporting 18 businesses on our pilot.

3. We want the next generation to be inspired & empowered

We’ve opened a pioneering Tub in Tech City College to offer students unprecedented access to startups to improve their employability and understanding of opportunities beyond education.

Our story

In 2011, our Founders Fred & Ed were trying to find an affordable space to build their own ventures and startups from but it was a much harder challenge back then!


Workspaces existed but they were few and far between and most were expensive or took more equity than new businesses could afford to give so with some savvy networking, they ended up floor sitting in an empty building in Kings Cross.

As word spread amongst their friends, and friends of friends, a community was borne of passionate, determined entrepreneurs building businesses like Escape the City and Pavegen.

It was the value found in this network of peers offering support and motivation that the idea for Bathtub 2 Boardroom was formed. The practicalities (space, Internet, loos) and a community of like-minded budding entrepreneurs was making the world of difference to these businesses – what if it could be made accessible and affordable and help hundreds more?

By 2012, Fred & Ed had found the first home for Bathtub in East London and we were registered as a charity – we are not-for-profit so take no equity, live to level the playing field and have no agenda beyond wanting to give new businesses the best chance.


4 years later and whilst we had to wave goodbye to our original home, we now have two thriving Tubs, the newest of which is within a college and offering a new entrepreneurial dimension to education which we hope can make a lasting impact on the next generation.

We’ve supported over 250 businesses to date to create over 350 jobs, raise over £7.5 million in seed funding and are currently supporting 18 on our pilot Bathtub bursary programme – a number we hope to triple by end 2017. We’ve walked the path our startup community are walking and here’s to many more years to come!

If you’d like to work for Bathtub click here, if you’re interested in mentoring for our charity click here, and if you’d like to partner or have property available please click here.

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