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About Us

We fill empty commercial space with early stage entrepreneurs who have limited capital but unlimited ideas.


  • Because entrepreneurs create new jobs.
  • Because we believe people from all backgrounds should be encouraged to start businesses.
  • Because we believe in democratising access to entrepreneurial resources and communities.
  • Because we know that success rates improve when you have a support network.
  • Perhaps most importantly, because starting a business is hard and we entrepreneurs should stick together!


We create vibrant communities in empty commercial properties, offering shared workspace to early stage entrepreneurs who share our values and want to share the journey. We provide heavily subsidised desk space alongside endless learning and support opportunities, including free legal and accounting advice as well as an awesome pool of mentors. We also provide bursaries for qualifying individuals coming from extended periods of unemployment.


Currently we have two Bathtubs in London (City and East London) and we’re looking to expand!

Want to know more?

Bathtub 2 Boardroom is a registered charity No. 1144236


City Bathtub

1, Fredericks Place

London, EC2R 8AE

020 7796 0151

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East Bathtub

33A, Wadeson St

London, E2 9DR

020 8983 7278

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Fancy Joining Us?

We offer 2 membership packages:


Membership is charged per desk monthly (+VAT) and includes all free support services and bathtub events.
  • 24/7 ACCESS
  • Fixed, Permanent Desk
  • B2B
  • 4 Visits per month
  • Option to add extra days
  • B2B
  • For extra Hot Desk days
  • Ideal for Interns & Ad Hoc Team Members

  • Bursary:

    We provide a significant reduction on membership for the following entrepreneurs:
    • Those supported by Third Sector enterprise partners (e.g. The PRince's Trust, PRIME)

    • Those starting a business after a period of extended economic inactivity

    • Those starting registered charities

    For details on our criteria for both categories please see the box below "our criteria"

  • Reduced membership costs for 6 months
  • Bathtub Buddy to help maximise membership experience
  • For qualifying individuals and programme partners (full details on application)


    Feel free to email us for any questions you might have on any of our sites or any information on empty commecial property you might have!



    The City Bathtub

    020 7796 0151

    The East Bathtub

    020 8983 7278