Rick Lowe
Founder and MD at Brands In Limited

Rick is a dynamic and focussed entrepreneur in the world of licensed fashion products. He is the MD and cofounder of Brands In Ltd, a leading supplier of licensed fashion to major retailers such as Sports Direct, ASOS, Amazon, working with some of the biggest brands e.g. Disney, Warners Bros, Bravado.

Rick has a knack for:

Seeing an opportunity, Impacting people and Closing a deal.


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Carrie Osman
Cruxy & Co

Carrie launched a challenger brand and got it nationally listed in Boots within 6 months to name just one of her achievements and has a knack for :

… challenging how you think of your market, customer & story – what makes you different and why does your customer care?

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Kate Lester
Founder of Diamond Logistics

Kate Lester is a multi award winning entrepreneur at the helm of the UK’s fastest growing courier company, Diamond Logistics

Speak to Kate for help with any of the following:

  • Business Planning and Strategy
  • Marketing
  • Branding


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Ken Valledy
Founder of Tech2Brand

After 13+ years of Brand Marketing experience, Ken left the corporate world to start his own business. He is now CEO and co-founder of Tech2Brand which focusses solely on connecting ‘brands’ with new start-up ‘tech’ innovation

Ken is an experienced mentor at Seedcamp, Microsoft Ventures, Techstars and BBC worldwide.

Ken is happy to help with any of the following:

  • Problem Solving
  • Marketing
  • Fundraising

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Peter Joseph
Commercial Director at Apollo Legal Consultancy Ltd

Peter Joseph is an entrepreneur with a diverse portfolio of investments and directorships. Before operating independently, he spent 25 years in the City as an investment analyst where he provided independent assessments of strategy and value for institutional investors in both technology and consumer sectors and acted for public companies of all sizes, helping them communicate with shareholders and raise money on the Stock Market.


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Jeanne Le Roux
JLR People Solutions

Jeanne is an HR expert specialised in setting up diversity & inclusions programs, skilled in designing and implementing innovative people management solutions, facilitating with impact and building relationships & rapport.

Her specialties include : Value Creation, big picture thinking & team development.


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Gillian Horan
Founder of The Pudding Brand

Gillian’s experience lies in branding, knowing what questions to ask and building an effective branding strategy.

Gillian launched her business ‘The Pudding‘, a full-service branding agency and has seen great success, notably achieving a 500% sales growth for one client through her effective strategy!

Speak to Gillian for anything regarding:

  • Branding
  • Marketing
  • Strategy

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Christina Richardson
Openr & Brand Gathering

Christina notes some of her greatest work achievements as: launching a new drinks brand in 5 countries at once and speaking at the British Library in front of 300 people on entrepreneurship.

She has a knack for:

.. helping entrepreneurs look at the business from the customer perspective and creating a holistic marketing and business strategy to help grow it from grass roots to growth business.


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Jonathan Kettle
Founder and CEO of Taxicode

Jonathan is the founder and CEO of Taxicode a self-funded UK-wide minicab, minibus, coach and executive booking aggregator and broker.

Jonathan understands that leadership is about people, and relishes the opportunity to maximise a business’s full potential, minimise administrative burden, eradicate constraints and improve efficiencies via the use of technology.


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Paul Sturrock
Simple Venture Design

Paul has spent his whole career leading the design and implementation of entrepreneurial strategy, or developing the capability of others to do so. He founded Slingshot Venture Development in 2001 to help companies and individuals develop their entrepreneurial capacity and accelerate their ventures.

He has a knack for asking really good questions that help people to be creative and clear about their growth strategy.


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Oliver Codrington
Chief Entrepreneur at the London Wellness Centre

Oliver is a world class legal and compliance programme manager with demonstrable operational expertise. He has strong experience across several sectors including global financial services. He is both professionally and legally qualified.

Oliver has a knack for:

  • Seeing the wood for the trees
  • Clarity of thought and communication
  • To-Do Lists!


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